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7 Stars Found Their Pet During the Shooting of Their Movies & Series

by Eric Mount
7 Stars Found Their Pet During the Shooting of Their Movies & Series

Among the films that can be seen every year in the cinema, some feature pets. Dogs, cats, rodents… Domesticated animals that become actors in their own right.

Sometimes they have to perform one or more scenes with stars of the big screen. The latter may even fall under the spell of their playmate. So that at the end of the shoot, the animal, no matter what it is, a cute horse a cat or even a lovely bouledogue français doesn’t take long to find a family, when it doesn’t have one yet.

These actors and actresses didn’t hesitate for a second at the time of the separation. There was no question of letting go of their sidekick. So the end of a film marked the beginning of their common adventure. They were destined to stay together forever. Here are a few examples that have not gone unnoticed.

Sophie Turner and Zunni from Game of Thrones

The dog Zunni plays the role of a wolf in the hit series. Unfortunately, he didn’t go any further than the…second episode. Zunni soon found himself without a job. It was without counting on Sophie Turner, who had learned to love this dog on the set. Better yet, she had been dreaming of adopting one since she was a child. It was too good an opportunity.

Will Smith and Abbie from “I am a Legend”.

In the film, Abbie, the German Shepherd, and Will Smith are inseparable. He is the only one to stay by the actor’s side when a terrible virus infects New York. In the movie, Will Smith must even resolve to kill the one who then takes the name of Sam. In life, they have become more connected than ever.

James Gunn and Oreo in “The Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Oreo is a raccoon who became James Gunn’s confidant after the filming of The Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, they even appeared together on the red carpet for the premiere of the film!

Tom Hardy and Rocco of “The Drop”

Tom Hardy is, without revealing a secret, a big fan of dogs. In fact, that’s why he auditioned for a role in “The Drop”, where the main character must save an abandoned puppy named Rocco. He saved him in the movie, adopted him in life, and never hesitates to share his moments on social networks.

Ed O’Neill and Bridgett from Modern Family

In the movie, Ed O’Neill falls in love with Bridgett (Stella in the movie) as soon as he sees her. It was pretty much the same on the set. This bouledogue français couldn’t have dreamed of a better father, after starting his life on the street and then being abandoned?

Chris Evans and Dodger from Gifted

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Chris Evans is best known for his presence in “Avengers”. But he met his faithful companion Dodger on the set of “Gifted” in 2017. Although he is no longer a puppy, he still holds a special place in his master’s heart.

Brendan Fraser and Pecas of Texas Rising

Brendan fell in love with Pecas, a horse he brought home after the filming of “Texas Rising”. Today, this horse has even developed a special bond with Brendan’s son, who is autistic.

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